Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Wrap Up II
Play Silks

I had heard much on the internet about play silks, mostly from Waldorf type sites and blogs. We are not a Waldorf house - but I can certainly appreciate some of the philosophy. They mentioned how these were great for open ended play as the silks can be transformed into anything a kid could desire. Little A is certainly at the stage where her imagi
nation is running wild so I could only imagine how she might enjoy these. They also reminded me of how badly I wanted play scarves when I used to watch Romper Room back in the day.

I was on the fence about buying them or making them. I was unsure if another type of fabric would work so I just put the thoughts on a back burner. That was until I came across the Kool-Aid dyed play silks mentioned here at the Rowdy Pea (she has a great wrap up on how to
create Waldorf type toys on your own). Now I had some inspiration.

I did a search and found that the blogger over at Confessions of a Stash Junkie had a great photo tutorial on her blog about this same project. I followed her instructions and had great results. I also purchased my silks online at Dharma trading. I was super impressed
with their customer service and super sonic delivery. We are on opposite coasts and I still got my package quickly. The company also threw in a smaller silk at no charge to thank me for being a first time customer. For my project I bought the 35x35 silks for $3.50 each. Here are my photos.

Mixing The Kool-Aid in Glass Jars
*be sure to use wide mouth jars that are deep enough to hold the Kool-Aid and the Silk.

Brining some water to a boil and adding the Kool-Aid jars.
*Notice that the water starts to turn clear or opaque when the silks have soaked up the dye.
*Note that they drip quite a bit even after being wrung out. I put a towel on the floor to catch the drips.
(BACK: Lemonade, Pink Lemonade,Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade FRONT: Grape, Orange, Black Cherry)
Little A opened these on Christmas day and declared "These are for me?" She then imediatly took them all out and transformed the simple silks into

  • A garden full of garlic that we had to pick and eat
  • A veil type hat
  • A purple princess dress
  • A picnic blanket
  • We mixed them all in our hands as cake ingredients and then baked them in our silk oven
  • They were a bouquet of flowers
  • The blue was a snowy storm front that moved across her doll house
Much fun was had and I am sure more is to come.

Other crafty mama's making - using silks.

Homemade Play Silks For Sale on
Tie Dye Diva Designs, Dessert Dyeworks, and Remember When

Places I looked into to buy play silks:
Sunshine Silks, A Child's Dream, A Toy Garden, and Magic Cabin


mama k said...

Those turned out fabulous! Great job.
Glad my tut helped. Now I want to dye some more... LOL

All Things Jennifer said...

So that's what was going on in those photos on Christmas Morn... I thought A got you in the mood for baby Jesus for dressing everyone up as the Three Wise Men!

Everything you do makes me want to share these things with my kids someday. Cousin A will be a fantastic teacher, I am certain!!!

Dayna said...

thank you both :)