Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Wrap-Up
With Christmas in the near distance and so many creative inspirations dancing in my head - I have been busily creating gifts and goodies. Aiming for a semi-homemade/local holiday season. The most fun I had this year was in creating for my littleA. We were striving this year for mostly wooden open-ended toys that would allow for much imaginative play. As this little one has a wild world that she lives in - full of characters and story lines and jokes all her own.

We decided early on to get her a doll-house for Christmas and found one that fit our needs perfectly. It is by PLAN Toys and we found it at a new local-independent toy store. It is solid wood and has a very open floor plan so many hands can play together. You can purchase rooms in a box that include furniture (also wooden and mostly plain) and accessories. The house can also expand by adding on the basement add on piece that gives the house some more rooms. Sets of families are also available but I opted for the homemade - slow made version by mama.

I found lots of web inspiration for the wooden dolls - like here, here, here, and here. I have been wanting to make some of these for about a year now and was glad to make some to go with this little house. I can't wait until LittleA sees these all under the tree - I think we might have to coax her away from it to open other presents. I did struggled to find the wooden pegs. My local A.C. Moore was out of stock the first time I went and then I spotted them on another trip, but they only came is a two pack for .99 each. Since making them SouleMama has posted about a great wood shop online and I have come across this site and this one too. We will definitely be making more friends after the holidays.

So first I sketched out some clothing ideas then I used some acrylic paints to style each little friend. Here they are before hair and makeup. I found that the faces were the hardest part. The best solution I came up with was to use the pointed end of a paintbrush dipped in paint. In the end I settled on faces with just eyes.

I used some bottle caps to hold the small amounts of paint that each one needed. These paints have lasted me forever. I had some of them from a ceramics project I did as a kid. I doubt that they will last as long once LittleA starts requesting more friends.

Then after they were all painted and dried I signed the bottom of each one :heart: mama. Then they were ready to be painted with the clear coat.

Here they are all shiny and ready to go.

Next Up - Play Silks


Jada2929 said...

Thanks for visiting me. Glad to have found you, my DD just came over and announced your little dolls are "Soooo cute!" I agree. :)

All Things Jennifer said...

Oh my God!!! How cute are your dolls???

I think you might have to make a pet penguin. ;)

Dayna said...

aww thanks Jada and Jenn. Glad you liked them.

Jada - I marked that puppet theater as a to-do for sure! Love the chalkboard part.

Jenn - Love the pet penguin idea and I am sure A will too. Ahh yes the growing to-do list!

Sarah said...

Your little people came out so cute! Aren't they fun to make. I want a dollhouse like your daughter's just so I have a reason to make more.

Dayna said...

Hi Sarah -

thank you - they were very fun to make. I am so glad I don't have to keep them a secret anymore. There are definitely more to be made in the future. I am even seeing many ways to use them without a doll house...I have seen birthday candle holders, you could make a mobile, Tree ornaments. Yeah - will need to make more! Thanks for stopping by!