Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Say CheeseCake

My hubby celebrated his 31st birthday last night. He is not a fan of cake as a first choice - but LOVES cheesecake. So I decided to take on a new recipe that I found on allrecipes. It was a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. The recipe was easy to follow and then I added a few of the hints and tips suggested by reviewers. I have to say it was one of the prettiest cheesecakes I have made. The taste was also fantastic - it reminded me of a slice I bought from the cheesecake factory this summer (at $7 a slice) this was certainly less expensive.

(don't mind my well-loved pan underneath - I bought it for a dime at a church rummage sale and love the thing...it is so beat and weathered...reminds me of an old cafeteria baking pan)

The tips I followed from reviewers included:
  • Not adding so much butter and sugar to the crushed Oreos - there is plenty of who knows what in Oreos. I put them in the food processor with two spoon scoops of butter. I also used Sugar in the raw for the added sugar here. This made for larger crunchy granules which added to the texture of the crust which I loved.
  • I wrapped the bottom of my spring form pan in tin-foil and then put it on a cookie sheet with some water to help keep the cake from cracking - worked perfect!
  • I used the new organic Raspberry Jam from Wegmans - which I happened to have in the fridge since I just made thumb print cookies last week. I had maybe half of a container and just winged how much I added to the batter. I did not remove the seeds.
  • I saved out about a handful of the white chocolate chips to sprinkle on top. I put them in my cheese grater - but I think it made the top of the cheesecake look like it was sprinkled with Parmesan cheese....next time I would do whole morsels or white chocolate curls on top since the raspberry swirls were so pretty.
Here is the picture my LittleA took - see how the top looks sprinkled with cheese??

Not a bad photo for a 2.5 year old!! You should have seen me and DH moving around to try to make sure we were in the line of view of the lens. Must say that I am strongly considering a digital camera for her birthday. Saw some great reviews on child digital cameras at z-recommends.

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