Tuesday, January 08, 2008

All She Wanted For Christmas

Every time we asked Little A what she wanted for Christmas she responded "A BULB". As in a Christmas tree ornament. My family asked me to make a list of things that Little A wanted so I included the bulb request. My cousin did not know that she meant an ornament and so she created this super sweet bulb in a jar for Little A. My cousin was then mortified that she was giving the gift of dirt. I spent some time reassuring her that this was really a perfect gift for Little A - as she loves to watch our garden grow. This past weekend when I watered the tulip bulbs I saw little shoots pressed up against the side of the glass. Little A was so excited! Look!!
And here she is with the bulb Santa brought her.


Jennifer said...

Wow. Actually, the dirt bulb was the perfect A gift without A even knowing it! (Maybe this is the gift for Elliott.) She's so freaking precious I can hardly stand it. ;)

Dayna said...

no kidding! She loves the bulb.