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1.28.08 - ok - time to get back in here and make some updates on my trip! Forgot my camera so pictures to come.

Just got back from a wonderful trip to NYC. As soon as I catch up with work emails and calls an
d laundry - I will be back to talk about...

The trip started quite wonderfully when we rode the super fast elevators at the Marriott Marquis in NYC. This hotel is right in Times Square. The view out of our hotel window looked right into the middle of this busy NYC hub. I could see the New Years Eve countdown clock, Toys R Us, Many Taxis and people.

Our first morning we had a very sweet friend who landed us tickets to be in the audience of the Martha Stewart show. We ended up sitting the front row and my husband even got chosen to ask a question of the guest that day(Wildlife Expert David Mizejewski). So yes, we were on national TV to boot. The show has already aired but if you catch the repeats ... it was the episode with Catherine Bell. You can see the show details and some video here. Because the show was featuring a segment on how you can help save the rain forest we all went home with a bag of Green Mountain Organic Coffee - National Wildlife Blend.

Then because Martha was heading off to Germany she filmed an extra segment while we were there which was a nice bonus. We got to watch Martha and Katherine Heigl of Grey's Anatomy
make homemade Tomato Soup. Which was also a great segue to talk up Martha's new line of soups at Costco. Katherine was adorable in her party dress. The other thing to note is that while pureeing the soup the blender semi exploded soup out all over the set. Martha was caught off guard (which shows in the episode) but also good to note...she (Martha) cleaned the whole thing up during prima-donna in the kitchen!

So much of the trip involved my husband being busy with work related I got to spend time doing just whatever my heart felt like! I decided a trip to LUSH was in order. I headed out to the shop near Harold's Square (of course I had "remember me to Harold Square
on a repeat loop going through my head all day!). I stopped first at the Macy's flagship store to check out the Martha Stewart line of housewares that were all on showcase. Can I just say how amazing the old wooden escalators are in this store!? See lovely photos of escalator here and here ok and some really good ones here.

On to LUSH - Home of FRESH homemade body products. I was apparently in the mood for honey while in the store and bought some bath bombs, body wash, bubble bars and soap. I am still testing some of these items out. I am most eager to try the Honey I Washed The Kids soap bar....yummy honey smell...that and the Ma Bar which is made with the chocolate, toffee, orange combo...can I just tell you how good my linen closet smells?? Little A has also enjoyed the bath bombs...even declaring to my husband "I NEED a bath bomb" this as opposed to the regular I need a bubble bath.

Another solo side trip landed me in Soho. Here I got to taste a yummy lunch at the Peanut Butter Company. This is a tiny restaurant on Sullivan Street that features a menu of mainly PB&J and some other add-ons and combos of the childhood lunch time classic. I went for the crunchy PB with Raspberry Jam on wheat. It was wonderfully tasty. I washed it down with a tall milk and some carrot sticks. It tasted as though someones mama was right there in the kitchen making it just for me! You can visit on line at

After a quick bite I continued down Sullivan to check out the much blogged about Purl Soho. There is both a fabric store and a yarn shop. I nearly walked by - that was until I saw the soft glowing lights from inside of a pretty door. The walls were literally lined top to bottom with fabrics. It was a tight squeeze for three shoppers and two store keeps. The fabric selection was wonderful...definitely things you can't pick up at Joann Fabrics. I have certainly seen some of the fabrics online for less...but to me it was all about the experience of trekking out through the city on my own to enjoy something uniquely for me. I did leave with 1/2 a yard of these lovelies.

  • Squirrel with Tree - not sure the info on this one...if you know - please leave me a note!

Lastly, Purl has the loveliest letterpress business cards. I took on to hang on my inspiration board in the craft room.


Once upon a time in NYC my husband and I stumbled across the Teuscher shop in Rockefeller plaza area. We sampled some of their truffles and talked about them since. I made sure to pop in for some more. Only a few for enjoying. It makes them taste even better when they are an every once in a while here or there treat! This time around we samples Jasmine, Butter, Orange, Dark Chocolate, Champagne, and White Chocolate. One of each and my total was over $12.

Since I was in the Rockefeller area I decided to watch the people who were ice skating. How
amazing is the city? So much hustle and bustle and here tucked away between sky scrapers and beautiful churches and tons of people was this pure white fresh ice skating patch. I watched a women who was in her own world preform numerous routines she created herself. Made me teary - what a great place we live in...the freedom to just be.
After watching for a bit I stopped into the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop. Not a ton to mention - but I did pick up an advent calendar for LittleA while in here. It is a fold out of the MET that has various numbered windows and doors that open to reveal Christmas related pieces of art that are at the MET.

Dinning is always a fun thing to do in NYC. You can really be in the mood for any cuisine and fi
nd something to fit the bill. On our first night we dined with some friends at Diablo Royale (*side note - I think this is where we was Mexican, had Diablo in the title and was in the meat packing district). The food met some mixed reviews. I did like my meal. The mini taco appetizer was nice and the margarita pitcher was full all night. While dining one of the other ladies at our table offered to see if she could get my husband and I a reservation at the Waverly. We were informed that this is a very exclusive (there is no listed phone number and she emailed in her request) restaurant in Soho where celebs are often spotted dining. We were interested...This is typically not our scene but thought it could be an interesting opportunity.

Reservation Accepted! We were in for a dinner table at 6:30 on Saturday. After we wandered the area lost looking for the place...we found it. After walking through their very very skinny front door it was obvious that this place was choosy on who they let in. I suspect we were
*lucky* enough to get in because all the celebs were out in Utah for Sundance. I did not spot any one recognizable. We had a couple drinks at the bar while we waited for our table. I had a $15 martini called the Bees Knees (i was apparently obsessed with honey while in NYC). The drink featured lavender honey, fresh lemon juice, gin and something else...I think bourbon. I was good and I would love to experiment with something similar this summer! We did have to remind the host that we were there and if our table was ready some hour and a half after we arrived. The host apologized and all was well - we were seated right after that. We were walked past the tree that grows up through the back of the restaurant and then a bit further to a comfy two person table. We had a really amazing dinner with a SUPER waiter. I ended up with the pot pie and my husband a piece of trout on a bamboo plank. We followed it all up with two nice desserts although the hubby won with the amazing goat cheese cheesecake. I had the bananas foster - good but the cheesecake was really nice. So that was dinner - pricey but a nice memory - a once in a lifetime chance.

Ok this place is seriously overrated. Once I got past the amazing creatures and beasts featured
in the front of the store (armored bears from Golden Compass and beasts based on Harry Potter) there was not much else to be amazed or wowed by. The ice cream sundae bar looked fun - but no more interesting then other soda shops. Mostly big box toy store name brands with a few off the beaten track.

I really felt badly for the poor guy who had to stand by the giant floor piano (as seen in Big) as every person who got a chance to try it out attempted to recreate the chopsticks scene with Tom oh my - how many times does he hear that in one day?

JUNO & DYSON AIRBLADE (not AIRVAC as previously typed)
My last day in the city - I was legs were sore from all the walking I had done. So I decided to catch a little quite time to myself and rest while watching a movie. I walked over to the HUGE AMC theater on 43rd or 44th (I think). I decided I could wait no longer to see Juno. I am so glad I did. WOW this was a super movie. Great one liners, tons of quirkiness, great cast and a fun soundtrack to boot. A really smart movie! RUN to see it.

While at the theater (which did I mention I had to ride an escalator to the 5th or 9th floor or something to see my movie - this place was huge!) I ventured into the ladies room to wash my hands and found the DYSON AIRBLADE. Yes those who brought the super vacuums also have made an hand air drying station that really works. This was too much fun to use. Reminded me of that part in the car wash where the giant blower vac is swept over your car and all the beads of water run off the windshield.

In essence you stick your hands in the open chamber - the air part is activated then you pull your hands up and out...that easy and quick...hands dried in 12 seconds! No paper towels and no shaking and rubbing forever under the old air blower systems. 80% more efficient! And did I mention kind of fun?

yeah , so that was my back to reality.

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I'm envious of your stop in Purl Soho - I'm reading "Last-minute patchwork gifts" right now, and it's authored by the store's owner.

Completely agree about FAO Schwartz - I thought the same thing.