Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Out of Computer Land...

Today is my at home day. Hoping to stay away from the computer once I get emails checked.
Looking forward to staying in on this super windy day (other then some groceries and a library drop off) maybe accomplishing some crafty projects - me and the babe.

Check out how the tulips are doing...
Before NYC

and Just yesterday
Last weekend we took Little A sledding for the first time. We bought her a sled 3 seasons ago and this was the first time there has really been enough snow to get out and sled on. She had a love hate feeling towards the whole thing. At the top of the hill she didn't want to go down...but at the bottom she talked about how much fun the ride was. My daredevil especially likes riding backwards on the sled - mostly because it keeps the flying snow out of her eyes.


Jess said...

bulbs are definately coming along - i love signs of spring!

Dayna said...

I agree - signs of spring are always so hopeful. A warmer day will come - a new cycle will begin.

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