Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby Goods - Completed
There have been some new wee ones born into our lives. Certainly some homemade presents were in order! I found the bib pattern online and regretfully cannot remember what blog I downloaded it from. Here is the fabric and the pattern. I used a terrycloth backing and a cotton
print for the front.

Here is the up close finished product - I made two of each. The closure is fabric - which I am not a fan of as it tends to attach to every pair of pantyhose, underwear, and bras in the wash. That is probably more a problem of the way I do laundry then the velcro's fault...but I am thinking snaps next time. First step was to attach the velcro pieces, then I sewed all around the two pieces with the right sides facing in, I then turned the whole thing out and did a finishing stitch all around the outside.

I then made this doubled flannel snuggle blanket. These are my favorites...I think they should make flannel in much larger panels so that I can have one myself....maybe a thrift shop flannel sheet hunt is in need.

Last but not least I put in two of these fresh cloth diapers. As all second children should have at least a few fresh things to dirty up all by themselves! Jazzed the plain white up with some Mother Hen and Her Chicks fabric...and the coordinating eggs fabric.


Jess said...

what cuteness! all three of these projects are on my to-do list as well. i definately appreciate the insight on using snaps instead of velcro for the bib closure.

Dee Light said...

Love your blog!! You're my kind of momma doing fun things with your family!!!

Those bibs are too cute. I need to get busy making some for gifts as well.

Dayna said...

Hi Dee Light- thanks for the comments and for dropping by!

gund sesame street plush said...

Nice gifts!! awesome:) It looks you are having great shower..