Saturday, February 02, 2008

Day 1 - 02.01.08

For day one I created fried chicken from the cookbook Apples for Jam. Can't say that I loved it. It was bland (although the recipe does state that it has a simple taste and feel free to add some more seasonings to the dusting flour). The most disapointing part is that the chicken drained from the buttermilk smelled a great rosemary - garlic blend. Perhaps it had something to do with my frying method - not sure that I used a deep enough amount of oil and the whole thing took way to long. Next time I would try a different batter and a smaller pan. Thankfully I made a honey-mustard sauce to accompany the meat.

I recommend these Alexia panko battered onion rings...they are in our grocers organic section. They are lightly sprinkled with sea salt and bake up real quick and easy. Always tasty. The below photo is pre-baked...they look better all golden brown.

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