Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gifts of Love

A while back I posted about making Little A the wooden people for her doll house. I searched the internet over to find at SouleMama a great source for wooden craft products. I held off as
long as I could - but I had a hard time resisting their bags of mixed wooden seconds. I gave Little A a whole plastic shoebox full of them for Valentines day. This was in addition to her goodies from daddy (goldfish crackers, new watercolors, twisty crayons, and her very own tape)!

Here is the box of goodies I ordered:

I got two bags or mixed shapes and seconds:

Little A had a great time digging through and creating. It reminded me so much of a game I played with my cousins at my Grandparents house called BlockHead. We even played a round here. The ultimate purpose is to stack many wacky shapes all on top of one another in any way you can...if you make the tower fall - you become the blockhead.

I also ordere some more wooden people so we can populate the doll house neighborhood:

Then I saw these wooden eggs in all sizes:

I thought that these would be fun to decorate for Easter as a decoration we could bring out for years to come. My other thought was to paint them similarly to some of the eggs found in An Egg Is Quite. Either option will be hard - as they are so darn cool in plain wood as they are...I might need to get some more! This order included hens eggs (1/2 dozen which will be gifted in a recycled egg carton), robins eggs and an ostrich egg.

Then I ordered some of the irresistible number one seller - Wooden Acorns:
Lastly some new mini-clothespins made some space in the craft room their new home:
Tim and I also swapped some little goodies...I got 2 dozen tulip bulbs and 2 dozen daffodil bulbs. So I will have renewable bouquets! He needed a new wallet - unexciting except for the little watercolor love note Little A and I slipped inside.


Jess said...

love all these fun wooden odds and ends. so many great ideas for them!

Jada2929 said...

I love the painted egg idea. It would be cute to have kids paint one every year and then see how their styles change and their skills develop. Maybe I'll order some tonight! :)

Dayna said...

Jada - I LOVE that idea! Now I might have to get some more. One special one per very fun. Then I could give them to my little one when she is grown and use them for her own children's egg hunt....that is if I could part with them!

Jess said...

i think i might use the idea of painting an egg a year as well - such a great idea!