Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home Progress - Dining Room

We made it down to bare plaster - filled in the holes and sanded them smooth.

Here is the begining of the paint. We fell in love with the blue - but were not so sure about the tan bottom. I think the custom color match was a tad off. There will be a white chair rail that will fit where the two colors meet.

We kept some of the white trim in the room to make the colors pop. I am not sure that it is what was in my minds eye...but I think that we like it none the less.

Any ideas for the outdated light fixture? I was thinking of painting it all white...Tim does not feel the same. Any other thoughts?


Jess said...

i really love the blue color, and think it looks great paired with the white trim. it looks like that room gets some nice natural light.

christina said...

I love the pair of blue and beige. They say that colors that naturally appear together in nature are soothing for us -- like the beach and sky! nice work!!

Dayna said...

Thanks ladies -

I really am in love with the blue and am now committed to do the second coat and get this room back together!

Chris it is funny how you mentioned the nature colors. That was my inspiration in my kitchen (dark wood cabinets with green walls)...I am all about trying to bring the bits of nature we love indoors. I wasn't thinking sand till you mentioned it! Now I love it even more...see even when I am not thinking of nature it is subconscious in my mind. The funny part is that this room is the sunniest with the most natural virtual in door beach!