Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home Update - Living Room

well...this room did not fare so well! We primed and patched the walls. We started the trim and wah....the color had too much red in it...the room now looks peach. The teal accent pillows I bought combine to make the room some sort of pastel 80's wonderland. For $25 we are going out to the store and redoing this room. We really want a stone khaki colored wall with some darker brown trim. Ah - live and learn!

I don't think the woodwork in here lends well to the color. Damn good looking paint chips that deceive.


Jess said...

i SO know your pain of the color chip not being the same as what actually shows up. i think we went through about 4 different shades of paint before finding just the right one for our hallway.

do you have Lowes close to you? i think they (if not, it's Home Depot) sell small, $3.00 paint color samples, which I found really helpful (especially cost-wise) in finding just the right color.

Jennifer said...

I have to say these pictures look better than it does in person. Now, I like Peach, but it really isn't the color you wanted. :(

Dayna said...

Yeah the pictures make it look better then it really is. People tell me that they can see it is brown...but my eyes wont stop registering pink...UGH!

We are off to follow Jess's suggestion small sample first next time! I don't think Home Depot has this so we will try Lowes this time. THANKS