Friday, February 29, 2008

Living Room - AGAIN

So as mentioned we didn't care for our living room wall colors. thanks to Jess I went to Lowes and got the cutest small containers of two new colors to test out. $4 each was a bargain...the time it would have saved if only I had known! So here are the two other colors I choose...fisherman's sweater and golden wheat. Today I am going to run out and get a gallon of the darker of the two (fisherman's sweater).

I am so hopeful that this will all be done this weekend...we can call this February project closed. And just you wait until I show you the pictures of our orange ceiling in the bathroom...I am having some thoughts that some small paint samples would have been good in there too! Every time Little A goes in there she proclaims - "What happened in here?" "This is a wacky color".


Jess said...

love that you found just the right color - the audition size paint samples are just right for that! can't wait to see the finished project... i'm inspired to get those unfinished areas of our house finished, paint-wise.

Gift of Green said...

Paint color names crack me up! Fisherman's Sweater? Before or after a day at sea? Hee, hee.

Dayna said...

I would love a job naming paint colors...or even lipsticks and other many wacky names.