Monday, February 04, 2008

Mama's Night

The mamas had a night out at the local pottery painting shop and I made this...I am deeming it a pickle it might only hold a pickle or two. Mostly I went for the chit chat. Thinking this will go lovely with my giant purple Pottery Barn fish platter (that has never held a piece of fish in all its days). I am more pleased with this piece then the special day plate I made last time. I am thinking solid colors work best for me. Little A dubbed the amoeba on the bottom a snowflake. Who doesn't need a snowflake pickle plate I ask ya?


Jess said...

a snowflake pickle plate - that's definately something every household needs! very cute

Gift of Green said...

I love the Pickle Plate - the glossy green looks awesome. I wish I had it to go with my Pickle Car (you know, the one from Richard Scarry).