Friday, February 22, 2008

New Projects

I have a couple things rolling around on the work table. I bought some new fabrics yesterday to complete some projects for some new babies. All the fabic
got washed and dried - trimmed and ironed last night. I just love the ball of flannel that collects after washing and drying - I just want to make a little nest out of it...which made me just think that this would be perfect for some of those wooden eggs I wrote about two days ago.

These are the flannel pieces to make all the folks in my house some new pj bottoms. I was eagerly awaiting the Amy Butler In Stitches book so that I could make myself the wide legged lounge pants. Now I have to give it a go.

These two pieces are for some bibs for the two new boys in our friends and families life. I wanted something that was more geared to the parents - as opposed to all the gah gah precious little angel hoopla most bibs are sporting...however the pirate fabric was hard to resist. Especially at $3.99/yd and an additional 30% off.

And this lovely piece is another from Alexander Henry - MAN I LOVE THEIR FABRICS! I am using this as the inside for the Amy Butler Swing bag (Amy Butlers Pic, My Pic) that I am making my sister for her birthday. The outside will be a dark denim. I am hopeful there will be a little left over to make something for me.


Fox said...
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Jennifer said...

Aw man you are so crafty you are going to MAKE PJ bottoms for the whole family. SUPER JEALOUS! :)

Can I commission you to make a pair for Mark's bday???

Dinos said...
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Dayna said...

yeah - I dont think I am ready for start bought the wrong amount of fabric (DUH) and these were supposed to be made for Christmas. Maybe if I was commissioned for a birthday in the far off future!

Dont be jealous yet - the final result could be some freaky three legged pj's ;)

Audrey said...

ok dayna i think your blog kicks my blog's butt but i want you to check it out anyways :)

Dayna said...

Hi Audrey - Thanks so much for stopping by! I was just at your place this morning as Jen sent me the link. So excited to be able to see what is going on in your world!

Audrey said...

speaking of your nest of flannel trimmings ---- i save all the little threads that i snip off seams and such. I'm thinking about making a wrist pincushion and stuffing it with the threads.