Friday, February 29, 2008

Twiddle Bugs

Little A has become fascinated with Twiddle Bugs. Can't say I blame her - they were one of my favorites as a child. I think for both of us that might have come from this fun book. Where the little guys live in a planter box outside Ernie's window. They take all kinds of everyday human objects and recycle them into objects in their world...they live in popsicle stick houses and milk containers.

On Wednesday I had to make a stop off at the craft store to pick up all the supplies for the secret project I am working on for Little A's birthday (more on that later) and decided we should try our hand at some Polymer clay Twiddle Bugs of our own. Let me just say that Fimo is a tough medium. Literally tough to work with - and we had purchased the "soft" kind. It was hard for Little A to make much more then a big ball of mixed up color - which turned into a couple of really pretty tye-die looking necklace beads.

And here are the bugs I made. The poor purple guy has already been de-winged. I will probably try this clay out again sometime as a project by myself. Any ideas? Have you used this stuff

I am hoping that these little guys might find a place on the balcony space in our doll house.

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