Thursday, March 20, 2008

Birthday Planning

I am so excited to be able to finally post about this work in progress. I have been plotting this
homemade project for months now. LittleA really started to get into baby dolls just around Christmas. I resisted buying her a doll and thought that maybe I could make her one instead. I laid my eyes on a Waldorf doll and can't imagine not making one for her. These are some of my favorites they were made by Uncommon Grace

I had found many sources online for making
these dolls and finally choose the pattern from Dancing Rain Dolls. The pattern came as a .pdf booklet. The instructions seem easy enough to follow for someone who is familiar with basic sewing. The owner also emailed me and said that I could email her with any questions or concerns I find along the way. As a bonus the pattern for the doll also included patterns for a variety of clothes too. Dancing Rain sells the patterns as well as materials (though I decided to try to collect these on my own...I really enjoying touching and feeling all the materials I am going to work with).

These are the materials I have collected. The flesh color was really hard to choose and I found myself gravitating towards making a doll that was similar to LittleA...the yarn shown will be for her hair. I am hoping to get going on it and have it done for her birthday in April.

Finding wool stuffing has been the toughest part. I have read nice things online about West Earl Woollen Mill, Ephrata PA phone:717/859-2241. No, there is no website...they will place your order over the phone though. Currently I am awaiting to hear from the local Waldorf school store to see if they are getting in a wool shipment this week (fingers crossed) - I would like to try to buy local first. My other option was calling local sheep farms...which I did - but as a first time project with wool I didn't think it was a good idea to attempt to clean raw wool myself.

So the planning for LittleA's third birthday is well under way. Since January LittleA has been plotting a theme....she wanted a FLEA theme birthday! Great challenge for the crafty mama to set a party to a flea theme without grossing out party guests and without squelching my babes innovative idea. I thought maybe a flea circus or flea market might be a good way to tie it all together. Then Tim was the ultimate birthday saver. He read Fox In Socks to LittleA before bed the other day (she loves to rhyme) and the noticed that the one passage is all about Fleas, Cheese, Trees and even better THREES!! So we are leaning on the quote and using it as a segue into a Seuss inspired party. I worked up a postcard invite this weekend and will be ordering
them through snapfish (who if you choose will even address, stamp and mail for you!!).

I am going to even attempt to make a crooked cake something along these lines...this is a birthday hat you can order from - but I am going to model a cake after this...and instead of the crazy candles I think that I will make the trees from her invite out of almond paste or fimo clay...and then see if I can use them as candle holders.

I found a .pdf online about how to plan out a crooked cake here. I am considering a trial run to see how it goes. There is also some great cake info and galleries over at cakecentral.


christina said...

I am smiling at the idea to have a flea-themed party! Good work mom and dad!! The invitation is great!

Dayna said...

I have been laughing ever since she suggested could I resist?!

Gift of Green said...

Okay stop - you are making me feel inferior. :) I am trying to think of the party favors...Flea collars? Flea-ce blankets?

Jess said...

so many great ideas for the party. i love that she came up with a flea as her idea. perfect use of the dr. seuss quote - i can't wait to see the cake!

Dayna said...

I love the party favors gift of green...too funny!

Jennifer said...

Look for a big box coming the way of the postman soon, to help A flea-pre-celebrate :)