Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Bunny Trail

Wow - I was called out by Audrey for not posting. I love the incentive to get myself back in here! I still think that last post was long enough to last a week - no? I have gotten a ton done and could probably ramble on about all of it for a while...but that would not be so exciting. Well maybe a tad more exciting then seeing the same post for one whole week!

So lets talk Easter. More importantly LittleA's serious hatred of the rabbit. In the last week she has been subjected to two such easter bunnies - all have left her trembling (that is quite
literally) with the streaming tears. Probably good to mention that neither bunny was on our list of things to see (as I knew this would be the reaction)...they just happened to be where we were...which honestly makes the whole thing all the scarier...yesterday at the grocery store she kept looking over my shoulder and hers to make sure we weren't being trailed by the faux fur monstrosity. I had to reassure her that he was busily filling baskets and had no time to be at our little grocery store. I can imagine on Easter Eve we will be writing a note to the bunny directing him to leave the basket in our barn and not to come in the house, which is what we had to do for Santa.

Thankfully - she is into decorating eggs. Which is something as a parent that is equally fun to do. Here is where I boo hoo about living in the suburbs (which I try to tell myself is really the country - as I was going to live in the city or the country - never in between) because everyone shops at TARGET only...and so therefor the store was out of little girl pantyhose and standard egg dying kits. So now my kid will trudge through Easter snow bare legged (maybe even uphill
both ways) or maybe just wear navy blue hosiery. Speaking of which why the heck do they sell sleeveless little Easter dresses in this neck of the woods? Especially when Easter comes so early this year?

So back to the eggs...NO ONE in our house eats eggs. This is how Tim and I knew we were meant to be together...neither one of us eats eggs, peaches, pears or plums oh and summer salads are on that list too - and if that is not the making of a match made in heaven then I just don't know what is! So I boil the eggs all while trying not to barf - and again I am speaking literally here. The smell makes me ill. LittleA couldn't wait to decorate them and patience while watching eggs boil is tough - so we made an Egg Blueprint while we waited. As you can see - great architects we are not...more free spirited egg decorating at our place.

Especially since I got the bummer of a decorating set called egg marbling. What a greasy mess. Plus we didn't get to draw on any or do little stickers - because our kit came with none of this. Thankfully my mom just bought us a nice good'ole Pas set for next year!

LittleA was very excited that the eggs got to ride in the "bus" together. We are not sure how they choose the driver as of yet.

We were going to have a great Easter egg hunt with these except LittleA has requested to play with the eggs everyday since we decorated on Monday. So now they are all cracked or as LittleA thinks - on the verge of hatching! And my fridge reaks. I am thinking that for Easter I will chuck them all in the trash and replace each one with a fuzzy pom-pom chick...yes a full dozen hatched eggs. We will host the first ever Smith Family Easter Chick Hunt!! (directions here)


Jennifer said...

Oh man, too bad those eggs are broken and smelly. I love eggs enough for the both of you!!! Good thing my cholesterol is low because I'm not sure what I would do without eggs.

Far, far too cute of an idea with the chicks by the way. :)

Jennifer said...

Your house is totally the country. ;) BTW. Your daughter knows DEER tracks in the snow and Santa leaves presents in the Barn.

Audrey said...

a new post?!?! 3 cheers for dayna!

i never liked hard-boiled eggs when i was young, back when i actually dyed eggs. but now i DO like them, but don't dye them! it's a crazy world.

lunch soon?

Anonymous said...
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Jess said...

i'm so not an egg person either - especially hard-boiled eggs. poor aurora with the close encounters with the easter bunny. ben was completely confused by the giant bunny at our local mall - interested, but confused.

just thought i'd recommend a great easter story with a non-scary bunny: "the country bunny and the little gold shoes". one of my favorite childhood book - maybe littleA will enjoy it as well.

Dayna said...

Jess thanks for the book suggestion. I saw that posted somewhere else and didn't think to check it out at the library. I will have to add it to our list!!