Thursday, March 27, 2008

Butterfly Tree
While out on our walk yesterday we found a large branch near our birch tree. I was inspired by some of the Easter egg trees I saw around last week. I thought maybe LittleA and I could make a spring butterfly tree to bring some color to our dining area.

We collected some coffee filters, water colors, markers, water and brushes. We then flattened all the filters and got ready to design.

LittleA enjoyed the painting method and hers maintained a good portion of the filters white space. I tended to really cover all of mine with color. This was a fun and relaxing parent project.
Here are two of hers drying and one of mine completed. You just wait until they are dry and do an accordion fold...twist 1/2 a pipe cleaner around the middle and then fluff out the wings.

Here is our spring butterfly tree. LittleA likes to gently shake it to watch them "fly"


Jess said...

love it!

Audrey said...

i don't know where i've been, you have like 4 new posts i haven't read! i know what i'm going to be doing tomorrow afternoon ;)

love the butterfly tree!

Jennifer said...


Audrey said...

i love the walls. nice color picks.

Gift of Green said...

I am SO trying that with Pip and Sprout!! Your butterfly tree looks beautiful!

Dayna said...

thanks everyone glad you liked the tree. It has made our dinner gathering space spring like and whimsical. We are enjoying it :)

and Gift of Green - when you make one I would love to see a pic.

Dee Light said...

What a fun idea!!