Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's In The Bag

I finished just in the nick of time...and had a hard time letting this one go. The pattern was easier as this was my second go round. I did sew the handles on backward but decided (quite conveniently) that I liked the contrast on the handles.

Amy Butler Swing Bag (my other one is
here) - it's reversible...or as I liked to proclaim as a kid - "it's exchange-able":

All wrapped and ready for my sister. Little A made her a card as well - but then decided to try her hand at some paper cutting which resulted in confetti. So we stamped her name on the front and left it at that!

How did my little sister get to be 22? I can still remember her standing at the end of our dinner table singing songs she learned at nursery school. Happy Birthday Karen~

And this is Little A's bag packed and ready to go last weekend...


Audrey said...

love the purse!!!!! o, amy butler, you can do no wrong.

Jess said...

love the fabric! bag turned out just perfect, switched handles and all.

Dayna said...

thanks ladies!!