Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Running On Empty

Last week is going down as one of the worst I have had at work in recent memory. I am not going to get into it other then to mention it really had not much to do with me. It involved a bad manufacturer and my then upset client. My hands were tied and one thing after another went kaput. I kept coming back to the fact that even a bad week at my job is better then a good week at some peoples places of work. By weeks end I was truly feeling like my tank was at E.

*as a side note I always thought it would be soo cool if people had dashboards. A place where you can see a reading of calories consumed, steps taken, exercise and sleep store.

At the beginning of the week things were better and I did manage to get out and purchase some new running shoes. Can't say that I am a runner - but I do hop my butt on the treadmill now and again. I was having some trouble with my 5 year old sneakers that were too heavy and not made for running. Wow what a difference. So now Tim and I have new shoes and happy feet (his are the orange Adidas and mine are the blue ones). I have to say my purchase may have been spurred a tad by Tim's completion of his first road race...can't say I am not a little jealous..of course proud and jealous. I had intended to run but I didn't practice and flaked out.
I would also like to sing the praises of local independent shopping. Last Sunday there was an ad for a sale at Khol's "ALL SHOES BUY ONE GET ONE". I decided that day to get some running shoes. I shopped the whole department found one pair of running shoes I liked and couldn't find ANYTHING I liked as my free pair. Besides that I later heard that the sneakers did not count...UGH! I dropped the shoes then and there and took off for a nearby independently owned and operated running shoe store - no maybe institution is the better term in the case of this store. I walked in and was greeted by a knowledgeable guy who brought me pair after pair of shoes that were close to meeting my exact specs. Finally I settled on the Mizuno's as the best for me. I was mildly concerned at what the price would be...but he even kept that in my budget - which was more (not much more) then I would have spent at Khol's but these are the perfect fit for me and my needs. Plus the service was fantastic. I am thrilled to wear them. I have run in them once and didn't spend the whole time running thinking of how my feet felt. I just ran!

Now back to posting and what looks to be a better week.


Jess said...

oh, i so hope this week is much better. if it makes you feel better, i've been in a bit of a "work funk" lately... i'm counting down the days until spring break!

enjoy your new sneakers

Dayna said...

I am glad I am not the only one...makes me feel like maybe it is more of a seasonal thing :) THis week has been better!!

and even if it is not...I can always run off the stress.