Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring has officially arrived but the weather had me a non-believer. That was until yesterday when LittleA and I headed outside for some fresh air. We checked out her tricycle, walked to get the mail, and then hunted for some signs of spring. Amazingly we found some peeking from behind last years growth and snow.

Peonies making an appearance

This one made me most excited - the garlic we planted is alive and well - real well and peeking through snow...either that or our compost is growing!

Hens and Chickens

and Irises

We also saw life from tulips, daffodils, tiger lilies (even those we replanted), poppies, and buds on the peach and magnolia trees.

We have ordered our seeds and are ready to get our very first victory garden going. We got seeds from three sources. (Faerie Seeds, Seeds Savers and Seeds of Change). We went with organic and heirloom varieties and hope to harvest seeds at the end of this season. Hoping that what we spent on seeds will be a one time investment.

We are starting everything from seeds and Tim is building a cold frame from some amazing windows he rescued from the curb.

Here is what we have to grow this year:

Amish Paste
Mexico Midget
Hungarian Heart

Early Fortune

Amish Snap
Dwarf Gray Sugar

King of the North
Fish Pepper
Santa Fe Grande

Lazy Housewife

English Lavender
Greek Oregano
Globe Basil
Culinary Sage


add to this - sunflowers and pumpkins. Now that I have typed that I am a little overwhelmed. This will be our trial year to see how well things grow in our neck of the woods. If you

And speaking of sunflowers. Gift of Green has posted on her blog about a the Great Sunflower Project. This is a project to help track the struggling bee population in this country. LittleA and I signed up and our free sunflower seeds and welcome pack will be on our way to us soon. All we have to do is plant the seeds and then twice we have to see how long it takes for 5 bees to visit one of our sunflowers (with a max waiting time of 30 minutes) If you sign up let me know...I would love to hear how the bees are doing near you! You can sign up as a personal garden, public garden or a school project (there are even teacher resources available).


Jess said...

way to go ordering heirlom seeds - i meant to after reading "animal, vegetable, miracle", but wanted to test out our garden space this year to see how it went. i'll be looking forward to reading about your experiences with them this gardening season.

Jennifer said...

Holy crapola, Smith Farmer's Market!!! Can't wait to reap the rewards :)

Gift of Green said...

Love your seed list. BTW, we still haven't received our sunflower seeds. :(

Dayna said...

yeah we went with heirloom / organic because we wanted to be able to harvest our seeds for next year as opposed to buying again. I am sad to think that there are battle over who owns the rights to seeds and how they are being modified so that the seeds can't be harvested and then planted.

So yeah this is a testing year to see what works and doesn't...I am predicting feast or famine. I will let all you local people know when the farmers market is open :)

Glad you guys liked the list. Hopefully I will be able to keep everything clear when we get planting so we can document each as the season moves along.

thanks for stopping by!!