Thursday, April 24, 2008


So here it is more earthy goodness as we approach the working weeks end. Happy Little Friday to you all.

For our 5th anniversary, the wood anniversary I bought Tim a personalized bat house (bought it here. The guy also makes birdhouses and butterfly houses too). We are interested in ways to keep the mosquito's and other bugs at bay so we can be in our yard without chemical sprays. This gift was also two-fold...Tim is afraid of bats. Yeah - nice present huh? Well my thought was that this is what marriage is all about...being together to face fears and besides wood presents are a little hard to come across - at least ones with a good story behind them.

This past weekend the bat house found its new home on the side of our barn. This spot is right where our garden will be so hopefully we can keep some of the pesky garden bugs in check.
LittleA and I checked the house occupants as of yet.


Jess said...

i'm sure you'll soon have inhabitants! and if you have a hard time finding them, you can always make a trip to our wedding location for one!

Jennifer said...

You went to CHECK THE BAT HOUSE FOR BATS??? Did Martha Stewart approve of that? Eek!

Dayna said...

I dont think we have guests at the inn just yet...but I have not checked in a couple days. Tim laughed about the wedding bats again!

I should have mentioned that the ladder was there while Tim hung the bat house...When I check it I am way down on the ground.