Friday, April 25, 2008

The last posting day of Earth Week
I made whole weeks worth of posts. Quite an accomplishment for a sketchy blogger like

My final Earth week post is about conserving energy and the sweet smell of line dried laundry. Last weekend Tim was kind enough to install a line for me and get me that middle-bar-too-many-clothes holder thingy. He also bought me two packs of clothespins. As was my suspicion...he said that they were super hard to find way in the back of the store. Gone for the most part is the fun of line drying clothes in the sun. Nearly free - with the exception of the line, bar, clips, and pins of course.

He even got the whole thing up and running in time for Amy at Gift of Green's CLOTHESLINE CHALLENGE!! Sign me up!

I don't think anyone else has ever understand me in the way Tim does. I swoon for the gift of a laundry line and flowers I have to plant not put into a vase. He nearly did me in when for Christmas '06 he surprised me with a whole composting gift...I love this man!

As a final wrap up here is some earth goodness on the web...all places or products I enjoy.

Tree Hugger - All encompassing earthy goodness
Urban Homestead - Urban farming at its best
Ideal Bite - Earth savvy living tips...juicy details delivered right to your email box.
Skin Deep - find out what is in your cosmetics. The cosmetic safety database.
Local Harvest - Track down your local farmers and markets
Burt's Bees
Dr Bronners - All in one soap
Mother Earth News - The magazines home on the web
Freecycle - Don't toss away - give away!

certainly there are soo many more...share some you love with me.


Audrey said...

thanks for all the links, dayna! i know what i'm going to be doing this afternoon.

Jess said...

i love the smell of line dried laundry.

Dayna said...

Audrey - I hope you enjoyed the links!

Jess - I agree and hope that there is much of that goodness in my future.