Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Three Flea Birthday - Wrap Up
Three has officially arrived at our has been here a week now. LittleA had a lovely birthday. Many fine family and friends showed up to wish her well. This was my attempt at recreating the Seuss THREE CHEESE TREES (the third was in another part of the house). Notice that our fleas look suspiciously similar to our butterfly tree occupants?

This is the annual birthday pennant. All birthday people get to have their photo taken in front of the garland with their cake. This is probably my favorite birthday decoration. LittleA also has a custom made table runner that my mother made for her first birthday. It is embroidered with a cake and "how old are you" and such. We bring it our every year and it has become a fun tradition.

This was the Seuss like cake...darn thing came out quite straight and I actually had to work to make it crooked. It three cheese trees and many clusters of three fleas. LittleA picked the "PINK" flavor.

And here was her present from Tim and me. We decided that a violin would be the perfect present. LittleA has given us a couple performances already. Now we are on the look out for a book that we can use to learn how to properly play....I am reaching into the depths trying to remember those lessons in high school. That was before I was told I would have to have short nails...I quit shortly thereafter.

We also gave LittleA - When You Were Small by Sara O'Leary. This book is so fantastic! It is the story of a dad and son who sit down every evening at the sons request to hear stories about when he was small. The dad tells tall tale renditions such as when you were small you used to get lost in the bottom of your mothers purse..and when she found you - you had found the earring she was missing for weeks.

LittleA received so many nice presents....amazing books (many about fleas - thanks to jennymark), summer clothes, outside play things, and all kinds of art supplies. I think the hit of the party was a toss up between a fishing game like this one and the new Crayola Washable Window Markers. The kids all climbed up into our bay window and colored the night away. One week later I was left to wash it up - it was a breeze! Just a damp cloth and all the doodles were gone. It left a little residue but nothing some window cleaner wouldn't get rid of.

It is so amazing how one little person can grow in learn in three short years!


Jennifer said...

If I can be half, no a quarter of the mama that you are someday I will have more than succeeded. :)

Love you all.

Dayna said...

wow - you are so very sweet. thank you. thanks for being such an amazing and wonderful auntjenny!!

Amy said...

Love that you had to work so hard to make the cake crooked!! :) Happy Birthday

Jess said...

love all the ideas - i had high hopes for a birthday banner (among other things) and never got around to finishing it. what a great present - a violin!

i think some window markers are in order around our house - thanks for sharing.