Friday, May 09, 2008

Dangers of Compost
My husband told me a few days ago that he thought something strange was growing in our garlic garden. I admit I dismissed him...I had just been over to that garden and it looked to me like weeds. A couple days later my husband mentioned it again and said the leaves reminded him of a carrot. We laughed because we had used our very own compost in our garlic garden and we joked about how we might be getting garlic tomatoes. I went over and saw the "weeds"...and I pulled....

Yes, a half eaten....half growing new carrot was there beneath the mulch. Two of them! Little A decided to get her bike with the back loading bucket. She hauled our harvest off to become compost once again.

Later that night I prepared dinner (not carrots) and we ate outside on our picnic table - dreaming about the yard and garden this year. After eating Tim hopped up and had an idea...he saw some vine and decided to "craft" it into a wreath. I was cracking up - he was "crafting" and I was enjoying every moment - camera in hand.

After the first he decided to create another...and then declared "I'm gonna sell these in my etsy shop"...oh how I love him - I tolerate and at times entertain his fantasy football chatter and here all along he was also enduring and picking up on all my crafty chat!! I was laughing so hard...I am almost tempted to really create him an etsy shop.

So there are the wreathes - hanging on the side of our barn. And Tim of course feeding into my enjoyment of the whole situation. The best part is that LittleA was present for the whole conversation so she now thinks the barn (Tims work space full of manly items) is daddys etsy shop. She is now correcting us when we say something is in the barn...."no - you mean daddys etsy shop" ahh-it is all too much fun!


Jennifer said...

I would like one wreath please. ;)

giftofgreen said...

How do I set up a paypal account?!? Your pictures made me LOL! :)

Dayna said...

thanks ladies :)

Tim will be happy to know he made you both laugh!

Jess said...

so funny! tell Tim i'd like to place an order as well.