Thursday, May 01, 2008

Saving Energy
May 1 - laundry day challenge begins

So it is here..the Laundry Line Challenge has begun. Created by Amy - this three month challenge will test whether or not I can muster intermediate proficiency in laundering. I really wanted to sign up at the advanced level but I am a bit nervous about trying to attaining 90% line dried goodness. So I picked intermediate:
Intermediate: You've been itching to formalize your clothesline (or CRP) and here's your chance. You want to rig up a better system, whatever that may be, and see how much you can save on your energy bills by cutting out the dryer. You pledge to dry 50% (5 out of ten items per load or 5 loads out of ten loads) for the duration on a clotheslines or CRP.

These pics are from my eager attempts to start early last weekend. Couldn't resist another pic of my $10 worth of clothespins... Now I just need to create a bag for my pins...saw some cute ideas here and here.

I think I smiled the entire time I hung clothes. It was so relaxing and enjoyable.

I kid you not...moments after the last piece was up - the wind kicked up and a thunderstorm moved in. I got it all taken just in time for the storm to pass over. Lesson learned - if it is already wet...give the rain a moment...perhaps it will blow on by.

I was made to promise I would NEVER hang the unmentionables...however I could hardly resist for a quick photo opp - just to say that these shorts made it to the line just once! They came down quite quick after so I did not get caught in the act.

I especially like that the line is so close to the hammock - when the work is done I too can swing in the breezy sunshine.

So feel free to watch my progress in the side bar and see how much energy I can save with line drying this summer!


Gift of Green said...

This is awesome! I love your pictures and how cute are you running out to buy clothespins! Thanks for joining!!

All Things Jennifer said...

CRP! Clothesline related product :) Last week this would have been every chair in my house! LOVE IT! I have to get better at this as well.

Audrey said...

it's funny, i wondered if anyone else besides me enjoying hanging up laundry. and i mean THOROUGHLY ENJOYED it. it's so relaxing... now all i have to do is figure out how to wash my clothes too --- because i'm too lazy to walk down 2 floors to the washer!

Audrey said...

and thanks for the links to clothespin bags, i wanted to make one too!!

Jess said...

great laundry pictures - i think i'll be skipping hanging our unmentionables to dry also. thanks for the links to clothespin bag ideas - this was all i was missing.

Dayna said...

if this rain keeps coming on the weekends then I will be hanging things to dry all over the house too!

yeah Audrey - we have another thing in common....I LOVE the calm and peace of hanging laundry.

glad you guys liked the links to clothespin bags....I will have to get one made soon. If you make one - ya know I want to see it!

Gift of Green said...

Dayna - were you serious about resizing my button (okay, somehow that doesn't sound right!)? I have a gi-normous image right now...great for a screensaver - for a blog sidebar, not so much! :)