Monday, June 23, 2008

All Tied Up

Here are some pics from last weekend - I am a tad behind on posting. Tim spent a good chunk of the weekend tying up our garden vegetable plants. Amish Snap Peas, Sugar Snap Peas and
Beans (Lazy Housewife and one other I think).
Tim came up with this plan where we drilled holes and eye screws into a length of pvc which was then mounted to the barn and a wooden stake. We then threaded hemp twine through each of the eye holes to make something for the peas to climb. They have taken to it well and we noticed the first blossoms this past weekend.
Tim is also testing out some different staking ideas for the tomatoes. He has used some standard metal wire tomato cages. He is also testing a few different pvc/hemp options. This here is a photo looking down through the three post pvc tomato cage. The other style we are trying is a four post box shape cage. Next year we will just use this years best method.

For tying up the beans Tim has used a section of garden fencing attached to a pole and to the barn. It is about 6" off the ground and some of the beans are sending out tendrils to make huge runners up the fence. The one has taken off so well we are a tiny bit curious if Jack and the Giant will come climbing up or down it!

We are so looking forward to the first delicious bites! Just this week we saw the very first tiny little green globes that are the beginning of our tomatoes. We are all so excited - especially to think this all came from tiny seeds!

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