Thursday, June 05, 2008


Here are a couple pics of the genius idea Tim came up with for housing our seedling before they hit the warm ground this past weekend. He fashioned a cold frame out of some really cool old windows that were HUGE. He leaned them up against our barn and slid all our seedling inside. He even installed a small hen light to keep them warmer on cool nights. I had to smile when he would go out and "tuck them in".

Here are the well loved plants that we grew from seed!! I don't think I have ever had plants come this far from seed! So exciting. This food is going to taste amazing. And ya know I am loving the produce growing in the Pepsi box :)

This was our day last Sunday. Every little plant in a home. Tim was sure to nerd it all up so they are in perfectly spaced even rows (which I secretly love). It is all more wonderful then I could have imagined.

Thankfully our fence has kept our local woodchuck far. I caught him at the fence today. I can see the summer battle begin!


Jennifer said...

Yay! Super fun pictures! Glad I was able to play while you planted :)

Looking forward to many yummy gifts of extra eggplant.

Jess said...

love all the pictures of your weekend planting - can't wait to hear about the progress of your plants.

christina said...

Congrats on your planting! can I com visit the plants this summer to see the full scope of this venture? plant-nerds unite!

Dayna said...

Thanks ladies - yes, Chris you can come by anytime to check it out. Tim would probably love to give you the tour - especially knowing you ar ea fellow plant-nerd.