Thursday, June 19, 2008

Laundry Bag - Just My Style

Well after carting the metal bowl of clothes pins to my laundry line for a few weeks I thought it about time I saved my back and made a cloths pin bag. I looked online and gathered some great ideas. My favorite of course being the monster clothespin bag from an etsy seller - whom I can no longer find - but the bag looked like a little laundry monster.

I am also thinking a bag holder made out of some tidy whiteys would be fun. Alas neither of these was my solution.

Into the craft room I disappeared...when I looked through my fabric stash I came across to pillow cases that had been made and tossed by someone else. They were for square pillows. I saw past their loud colors and noticed that they were almost the perfect size. I took one and stitched down the corners and trimmed the fabric...I cut a hole for my hanger and viola! And if it does not fare well I have another quilted sham in my stash for next summer!

Kind of looking like laundry line stained glass.

So despite the fabric being not my style - a free quickey project is definitely my style. Less time indoors on this led to more time out in the garden this past weekend with my family.

While hanging the wet clothes I got to the end of my rope and still had clothes in my basket. I came up with this little cheat...worked well on t-shirts! LittleA thought it quite amusing.


Ellen said...

Cute laundry bag!

Gift of Green said...

That is the first Pucci-inspired laundry bag I've ever seen! And yes, we do the double up on the t-shirts too. That is...when my clotheslines is functioning. Sniff, sniff.

Dayna said...

thanks ladies -

Amy you are too kind! I hope your line is back in action really soon!