Monday, June 23, 2008

Peonies and Art

First it was my magnolia bush and now my peonies...they came in beautifully and then one swift rain took them all to the ground. Thankfully I managed to harvest some to enjoy inside for a couple days.

The piece in the middle is from the lovely and talented Emily from Inside A Black Apple. You can see her piece in her etsy shop The Black Apple. I bought this piece for Tim for our Anniversary last year. It is entitled "As Long As I Have You". The description listed it as a "tribute to true love, bi-planes, and faithful hedgehogs". LittleA likes to tell everyone who comes to visit that it is me and tim and she is the hedgehog. I must say that the hedgehogs are just about the cutest little guys and gals around the shop.

I just love how this photo turned out - that is my littleA on her true birth date.

This "baby" is a piece that we just recently purchased at a benefit. It was done by a local artist who recently moved from another part of the state. I saw it on the wall at the coffee shop during the benefit and I fell in love with it. I loved how raw the emotion came across. It reminded me of when LittleA was a babe. It also reminds me of that inner sense we all get sometimes that we feel helpless and small.

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