Monday, June 23, 2008

Scapes and Herbs - Homegrown Food

ok one more lat weekend post....then I will move on to the present!

Our garlic is really growing up and getting closer to harvest. We noticed all these curly-q shoots
coming right up the middle of every garlic plant. Tim went online and found out that they were scapes. They sort of remind me of the long neck squash from the fall - the ones that sort of look
like swans and geese. If you don't cut them off they shoot right for the ground where they bury down and start to make new bulbs. Which of course takes energy away from the bulbs we have been nurturing since last October.
I then went online to figure out what we could do with them. I cut them in the heat of the mid-day sun so that the wound left from the cut would heal over quicker. Otherwise I guess the garlic will weep all kinds of juices out of the wound...which is also not good for our bulbs. By cutting off the scapes our bulbs should now start to really swell and grow before harvest.
This is half of what I harvested. My research also was to find some recipes for using scapes. It sounds like you can use them for just about any recipe that calls for garlic - as scapes have a milder garlic flavor and taste. They are also supposed to store really well in loose zip top bags (I hope so as I now have four big freezer bags full of them). I have used them twice so far. Once was softened up in a hot pan with butter and drizzled over top of salt potatoes and the second time I chopped some up and added them into a veggie topped pasta dish. I am curious to try some scape pesto - as there are many recipes out there.

With the herb garden in and growing - and right outside my back door...I was able to create an almost completely home grown / local grown Father's Day meal.
The asparagus was from the farmers market and tasted amazing. I rubbed it in olive oil and salt and then grilled (5 minutes stationary and then rolled it all for a couple minutes to finish all sides) and buttered! We have nice grill grates that don't really allow for the asparagus to fall down into the holes - but if you don't you can try a trick I saw somewhere on TV (either Steven Reichlen of BBQ U - or Alton Brown) Where you thread the asparagus onto skewers to make a sort of raft of asparagus that can be all flipped together on the grill. This way you don't have random spears rolling around or through the grates. I actually found a great image of this online at (scroll to the grilling section) (on a side note - this was the first time I was at recipetips and I had to book mark it ... it looks like it has tons of amazing info).

The onions were from the market as well. Scapes - were from our garden and the beed came from a local organic farm. It was a great meal to kick off the summer and celebrate Tim and all of his fatherhood!


Molly said...

Ah Dayna! I'm happy to find your blog too. Your garden looks fantastic!

Jennifer said...

I imagine those little green onion looking things would make me deliriously happy using them on potatoes. (Or eggs.) Mmmmm.

Dayna said...

thanks Molly -

Jen - I will have to gift you some scapes next time we get together.