Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sunny Days -
I feel as though the sweet summer days have arrived. When days tumble by slowly and the breeze blows soft.

I cut back my work schedule and promised LittleA that the day after 9:30am was just for us. I had some work to tackle in the early am and LittleA offered to play with some play dough
while I worked. She was busy "baking" as she made a rainbow cake for her imaginary friend's 2nd birthday. I had always wondered if she would bring an imaginary friend home...and she did...on Easter her friend (his name is God) came to be a mainstay in our home. He is sometimes accompanied by his big sister or his friend Eliot (who does not like pickles). So yesterday I found myself under our dining room table so that I could yell surprise with the masses that had gathered for the Surprise 2nd birthday. Apparently the cake was well received. I mean who would turn their nose at a technicolor cake?

Later we packed a blanket, water color pencils, and a snack and hiked out to our garden. We used all the surrounding new growth as our inspiration. She was going to draw the peonies and I was going to draw the irises.

I am in the process of ditching some of my adult nay-saying towards my creative endeavors. I picked up a pencil and did not critique myself...I just had fun. I really enjoyed the Crayola watercolor colored pencils.

Here are littleA's peonies. She finished them and said "aren't these wacky mama?" Yes, my sweet one - wacky in whatever best way that you want them to be!

The water then turned into "nailish" and I was given a lovely sunny manicure.

Once her patience for painting wore thin we went inside and made some peanut butter sandwiches and headed for a hideaway lunch in the clubhouse.

I can take a whole season of days like this.


Jennifer said...

I see Daddy's Etsy Shop!

Ellen said...

You did a great job with the irises. And I love little A's peonies!

Dayna said...

yeah the etsy shop made it to paper. and Ellen thank you for your sweet comments.