Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Darin Bakers Challenge - July 08

Daring Bakers Challenge - July - Filbert Gateau with Praline Buttercream

Daring Baker Challenge number two - done and eaten! I can't say that I loved this recipe. I read through all 7 or 8 pages of instructions and thought I was on the right path. Some of the errors were certainly on my part but there were some caused simply from the confusion of some of the directions put together. I certainly did my fair share of email complaints to my sister in law Jen who was also making this cake...all that aside I did learn some new techniques that I will absolutely use again. The recipe came from the book Great Cakes by Carole Walter.
I had pistachios in the house so decided to make the cake with pistachios and use raspberry preserves for this cake.
This cake required nearly 1 dozen eggs. We used whites in parts and yolks in another.
This part smelled amazing...I was still hopeful for the recipe at this point. After two challenges I note that I LOVE anything vanilla and orange.
Here are my fluffy egg whites.
This was a part I had not done before and will love to try again sometime. We melted sugar in a pan to get a carmely substance that we poured over nuts to make a brittle. This part worked really well for me.
Here are my egg whites being mixed with sugar over hot water. Despite the eggy smell (I can't stand eating eggs) once the other flavors were added this buttercream tasted AMAZING. I will surely use this recipe again!
Here are my cashews (yeah another nut substitution...I will be honest I was not looking forward to skinning filberts...I was not really in the mood to even finish the cake at this time. As my cake had sort of fallen apart when we had to add a butter and nut mixture to the batter. My batter was looking amazing and then the directions were really unclear on how to add the butter / nut combo.)

I poured my brittle on a silpat to cool. After this it was broken apart and thrown into the food processor to be blended into a paste. This step took much longer then the recipe called for. So my brittle did not quite make it to the paste stage...but it worked. The only trouble it caused later was trying to get it out the tip of the pastry bag once it was added to the buttercream.
Here are my falling apart cakes...I made the cake in two 9" rounds and then had to divvy them up to get three layers. Not the greatest idea I ever had...but it worked and once the cake was frosted you couldn't so much tell the wreck that was beneath it all.
Here are the preserves. This was another issue I had with the says in two places when to add the preserves. I choose the one I thought was right...but it seems it should have been done at the second part...would have made a better crumb cover. Despite that it all tasted ok!
I loved doing the ganache. I have never used this before and will absolutely use it again...and decided I will also have a plan for the left over waste that comes off the cake...truffles anyone! Ah yes, and for the piping...difficult with the chunks still left in my buttercream..but I made due and covered some bad spots of the cake with ganache and nuts.
The cake went over well. I gave it to my Aunt for her birthday. Many people ate a slice and no one complained. We did eat it around a campfire on paper plates. Later my husband commented that it seemed more like a refined cake that should be eaten on real plates with some French roast coffee. I agree - but don't think I will be making this one again. However I do thank the recipe for some new techniques that are sure to appear here again!

So head on out to see how Jen and Jess did. And here is the list of many many bloggers who also participated in the DB Challenge. Interested in trying it out sign up for next month! I can't wait to see what the next challenge is...I would love to try some bread!


Amelia Bedielia said...

Great job! If I had thought to use cashews in the praline, I don't think I would have any praline left to make the paste LOL. That cashew brittle looks TO DIE FOR!

Trisha said...

wow, it's so pretty.... (you've seen MY cake---this one is like angelina jolie next to it).

Jennifer said...

I love it! :)

Even though we do our fair share of complaining I think it's cool we take away SOMETHING good and new and useful along the way.

So glad you are doing these challenges too!


kellypea said...

Very nice job! Pretty decadent eating this by a camp fire, too. I agree about the confusion with the jam glaze, but at least you were smart enough to put yours on. I completely forgot mine. OOPS! And I don't think I'll make this again, either. I thought it was delicious, but I am still recovering from yesterday ;)

Jess said...

looks delicious. i bet pistachios and raspberry together tasted great! i had lots of similar problems - it's nice to read that i wasn't the only one.

Ruth said...

The cake looks fantastic!!!

Dagmar - A Cat in the Kitchen said...

Great job! It sounds luxurious eating such an elegant cake by the camp fire :-)

dayna said...

Great cake & what a perfect camping treat.
So much better than Jiffy Pop for sure.

Lauren said...

Mmm. Your cake looks wonderful! I love the cashew brittle.

Dayna said...

Thank you all so much for the kind comments...I am hoping that I got around to all you other DB'ers and checked out your creations! So excited for this months! Happy baking!