Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fun Ways To Serve It Up

Fun Ways To Serve It Up

The beginning of summer always stirs up the need for change and lightness in me. I love finding new ways to change up our days. I have been a lurking visitor to sites that post bento lunches...and I would sure love to buy some fun bento goodies - but since LittleA not in school yet it seems a little hard to justify right now. But I am saving up all these ideas for down the
road. Until then here are some fun food traditions we are serving up.

Currently one of LittleA's favorite special requests at lunch time is something Tim invented called a Snack Plate. What kid could resist a meal served up as a snack plate? LittleA has always been a decent eater and food explorer. So the snack plate is fairly easy to deliver. The plate
usually consists of a variety of things currently in the pantry and fridge. There is always a protein source mixed with a sampling of fruits or veggies. This is all served up on a divided plate that is decorated with little pigs...the one rule of a snack plate is that each pig snout MUST be covered with a mini-marshmallow.CLUB HOUSE LUNCH
One of our favorite places to spend lunch time is up in the "club house" portion of the swing set. We sit under the shade awning and enjoy our food and each others company. Sitting in the tree house certainly makes the lunch in itself special. When we are all finished we get to exit down the slide. I am thinking that club sandwiches might be a great idea next time we eat in the yard.

Then the other day I came across a post about Muffin Tin Lunches and thought this was a perfect summer idea. Sycamore Stirrings has dedicated a Monday post to display her children's muffin tin lunches. She has even created a flicker group to post your own muffin creations! How fun. We tried a real quick one yesterday...what a lovely way to serve up otherwise boring left overs!

contents- corn muffin:: kiwi:: carrot sticks:: cauliflower:: more kiwi:: and bunny grahams.

Last fall I went to a mom's night out at a paint your own pottery place. I was at a loss for what to paint - until a girlfriend of mine told me about a special day plate. Be it a birthday celebration or a congrats on using the potty, or even a job promotion...we have a plate hand painted by me to denote the special-ness. If it is your special day you get to eat with the special plate.

Our house has a small front step made of stones. As a child who grew up in the city - and who watched me this place is our stoop. And when the weather is just right we like to sit here as a family and share a frozen treat. More then once my mind has wandered to a time down the road when LittleA grows and leaves our home... I sure hope on her trips back to visit with mom and dad - that ice cream on the stoop will still be a treat!


amy said...

I have been wanting to make a Special Day plate. I find that my kids eat much better when the presentation is just a bit different or special. They love eating picnic style on a blanket (inside or outside), and I use all kinds of muffin tins, scone pans, divided appetizers trays, etc. for serving finger foods. Chopsticks, toothpicks, and mini tongs make it fun too! :) Thanks for sharing your ideas -- I love that piggie plate!

christina said...

I love this post, Dayna. The idea of a special plate is great, and the "snack plate" too!! I wish I had kids to enjoy all your great ideas with them :)

Gift of Green said...

I love the stoop, but my Pip keeps telling me I said a bad word... stoop-id is as stoop-id does.