Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garlic Harvest

Garlic Harvest -

Just a quick photo post to show our garlic harvest. This is the first time we have grown garlic and must say that it was really enjoyable. We planted in October and harvested in July. It was nice to have something green peeking up from under the snow in the very very early spring. Right now all the bulbs are drying on an old window screen out in our barn. It smells amazing! We bought 20 organic bulbs (seed garlic) last fall and broke each apart into its separate cloves. Each clove grew into its own bulb...we ended up with about 127 bulbs. We will save the 20 best for this falls planting and then eat the rest.


Jennifer said...

Oh. My. God. It looks like heaven!!! :)

Dayna said...

Thanks!! Come on down and try some :)