Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tasty Goodness

What's Been Cooking -

There is a whole bevy of talented chefs and bakers out here in the wild web world. I am constantly saving recipes and photos of other peoples food creations to recall and try on my own rainy days. Although I didn't get time to post about them last week - here are two such "borrowed" ideas.

Rootbeer Float Pops:
At the beginning of July Erin at Erin Cooks was reviewing and giving away a copy of Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone by Krystina Castella. All three of the recipes that Erin tested and posted about had me drooling. Check them out - see if they don't have you running out to make some yourself. You can also see some more of the books goodness at
It was the rootbeer floats that I decided to try first. LittleA and I whipped up a quick batch because we just so happened to have some flattened rootbeer laying around. These were tasty - although a tad too ice crystally...I will attempt again in the future - but think it might be imperative to let the pop become completely flat so that it is more syrup and less carbonation. I love the way they look.

Giant Hostess Cupcake:
Back in October I stumbled upon Baking Bites step by step instructions for creating a Giant Hostess style Cupcake. I decided to give this one a try recently when asked to create a door prize for a bridal shower. Having gotten tired of the same ole same ole basket of things from the dollar mart I decided - who wouldn't want a home baked treat? Then I panicked - what if no one wanted a home baked treat and it was the last door prize standing? Good news the cake was picked second!! I have heard rave reviews back about it...too bad I didn't get to try it all assembled. I did sample the filling and it was tasty and light...although there didn't seem to be enough of it...Next time i would double it up or create less of a center hole. Also must admit that I was short on time and did not bake the cake from scratch - it was two dark chocolate box cake mixes - made a four layer cake. I rationalized that Hostess is not homemade either - so it was probably more true to taste!

I used one of the pieces from my Tupperware hamburger maker to cut the hole seen above. Tim and I had a good discussion on the best way to go about decorating the top. I did a practice run or two on the counter top first. I also used a piece of string (unflavored dental floss) to press a very faint mid-line into the frosting. I made sure that each loop touched back down on this line to create a nice straight line of loops. I think next time I would experiment with bigger loops. Not that these were bad - just a little more on proportion with a regular size cupcake.

AND - While On The Subject of CAKE...
How cool is this PTA? They decided to host a cake auction where each cake reflected a classrooms favorite story. All the money raised was used to buy new books for the libraries media center. There are a couple of LittleA's favorites up there (Little Pea, The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, and Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus)...might have to make some for Author birthday's or National Reading Month.

And Again With CAKE...
Erin of Erin-Go-Blog shared with me one of my NEW oh SO FAVORITE sites....CAKE WRECKS. Honest to Pete - if you have ever decorated a cake, bought a cake, or eaten a cake - RUN don't walk to this site. I was crying at my desk the other day. The witty author of this blog scours the internet (and takes email suggestions) for cakes that are for sake of recreating the wheel WRECKS...the site is full of cakes that people actually paid for (no bashing homemade goodness) that are too gross to eat, too bizarre to cut into, littered with misspellings, wrought with bad grammar, or that are just plain mystifying.

Here are the couple that had me crying - I think the author is superbly funny in their descriptions of the cakes...I don't know maybe it was just one of those days!

Chuck Norris Dosesn't Cry Cake
The Split Personality Cake
The Phallic of Oz Cake

stay tuned...more baked goodness coming your way tomorrow when I post my submission for the July Daring Baker Challenge. Ah yes, second one in a row - I think I can officially post the logo in my sidebar.


Erin said...

Thanks so much for linking back to my site! I'm glad you enjoyed the pops. Your attempt appears to have frozen with some really lovely layers.

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed the cake site. :D

amy said...

Oh, we are totally making those root beet float popsicles! My youngest *loves* root beer, but doesn't get it very often, so this will be a special treat. Thanks for the recipe link! :)

Trisha said...

oh holy moly the cake wreck blog is GREAT. my favorite was 'the cake that started it all...'

Jess said...

oh, i need to make those rootbeer popsicles!

Dayna said...

so did anyone else try the rootbeer pops?? Let me know how they went...or even suggest something frozen we can make next!