Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Meaning of a Buck

The Meaning of a Buck

Growing up with a frugal mom has certainly left its mark on me. We didn't have a whole ton of money - but we made do in the most fabulous way. Money had a real meaning to me even as a small child. I think I grew up with a good understanding of the value money as well as the limitations of what money can provide. Being a mom myself I wonder if I will do right by LittleA in the way of money.

Just wanted to post a link to this families really cool and inspiring story. They have decided to sell their mansion and take the half the proceeds and channel it to 30 villages in Ghana all while downsizing their own living space. The money from the sale of their home will help The Hunger Project which is helping people in Africa move from poverty to self-reliance.

Here is the original article I came across
Sale of 1 house will help 30 villages - CNN.com

and here is the families website - Hannah's Lunchbox

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