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Old Fashioned Fun

Old Fashioned Fun -

(LittleA's "HAP-SKATCH" Board)
When I was growing up our family trips always amounted to some time spent away from home in a tent. Some of my most favorite memories of growing up came out of these camping trips. The fun was simple and kept our attention for hours. We walked in creeks, took hikes, went on treasure hunts, and played every version of freeze tag we could imagine (TV tag anyone?). I am so excited to now be sharing these traditions with my LittleA.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled across a review on Unplug Your Kids for a new book called Forgotten Neighborhood Games - Get Kids Back Outside and Loving It. This is a book written by Scott Strother, and dedicated to explaining all kinds of amazing childhood games - that you probably know but that many in the next generations have no idea of. The book is broken down into levels that are chosen based on the amount of activity each game entails. Games like Mother May I, Lawn Jarts, Bocce, and Water Balloon Toss are activity Level 1. Want to ramp it up? Try Capture the Flag, Dodge ball, Tag and others listed in Level 5.

Each game is explained and shows how many players are needed, what ages can play, how long the game will take, the space needed and any supplies that may be required. My favorite part though was reading the section on how to choose who is "it". The book includes the instructions for the rhymes that we used to say in order to choose the "it" person - "Bubblegum bubblegum in a dish how many pieces do you wish?"

So I added the book to my wish list - but couldn't stop thinking about it. I really wanted to read it...the best news is that I found the publishing website and they offered a paperless e-version for under $4. So now I have a copy sitting on my desktop ready to be used whenever we need a new game to play! The rules of the games I played as a kid are now all refreshed in my head and packed away for our next outdoor adventure.

The author references the site I went and checked it out and they have a whole section dedicated to games with a jump rope.

I also found the book called Hand Clap by Sara Bernstein at our local children's book shop. It features page upon page of all kinds of hand clapping rhymes and the hand motions as well. You can see some of the pages here. LittleA loves when we can play a round or two of Say Say oh Playmate while waiting in a line. Of course there are also tons of online websites and you tube videos of people doing their versions - helps to see them to remind me of the hand gestures.

Get outside and enjoy some old school fun! Need some more ideas? Check out the flickr photo pool FUN FOR NOTHIN created by Meg from Sew Liberated.
Here's the scoop: Fun for Nothin' is a resource for parents trying to move away from the consumer culture and for those who might be on a tight budget. To participate, join the Flickr group,, and upload a photo of a low- or no-cost children's activity or toy. Share a tutorial if you wish in the photo notes or by linking to your blog post.
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