Friday, August 22, 2008

Best of Bag

Best of Bag

This last batch had some real would be too touch to pick just one...and besides I know some of you other mama's out there are always looking to share and exchange good book ideas. 
If you haven't yet - I highly recommend checking out 
In random order...
Written by Jessica Swaim 
Illustrated by: Jill McElmurry
*A super cool side note...the Illustrator of this book is a goodreads member. I dropped her a line to comment on how much I enjoyed the illustrations etc...not only did I find some other books she illustrated and wrote - BUT she wrote me back. I love how the internet makes the world such a smaller place. 
Here is my review posted on goodreads:
Great rhyming book with clever lyrics. Many dogs to spot and enjoy for all the dog lovers out there. The illustrations were fun to look at. Mary heads to the pound to find companionship and comes home with the perfect hound...which of course is when the fun begins! Cute little romance is store as well.
Written by: Virginia Kroll
Illustrated by: Melisande Potter 
This is a lovely book which praises girls for all the amazing things they can do. Beautifully illustrated with a range of mulit-cultural children all partaking in different activities. Great positive message and self esteem boost for girls (and their mamas) and I am pretty sure there is a boy version too! 
"Girl, you're amazing, the things that you know!/How to write stories where fantasies grow,/When to pick pumpkins and how to fly kites,/Just where to search for the sky's satellites."
Written by: Erin Dealy
Illustrated by: Hanako Wakiyama
 Here is what I wrote for my review over on goodreads:
This book is quite clever. The illustrations are something set in the 50's I believe with a little bit of a modern flare. The story is about Goldie Locks who has come down with the chicken pox. As she is recuperating we see visitors from other classic children's tales. The book flows page to page with a nice rhyming text. The main plot being that Goldie's little brother is tormenting Goldie because of her spots. He even offers to connect her dots. How will it all end?

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