Thursday, August 21, 2008



When I was pregnant with LittleA I so desperately wanted to know what she was going to be like. I used to read the general personality traits for her astrological sign...any little thing to feel like I knew that little person better. One of the astrological things I found was where it would show how the parents signs would interact with the child's. I always remembered the part where my Sagittarius husband was sure to become best buds with our Aries daughter and the adventures and mayhem they engaged in would have to be balanced by me the Libra. So it comes as no suprise that the two are co-conspiring to drive me nuts-o!

Here is the evidence....

TIM: WoooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ME: What happened in there?
TIM: Nothing! I can't tell you.

a few moments pass

TIM: Come here ya gotta see this!
ME: It better not be another olympic athlete popping their arm out.
TIM: No its not.

he shows me the screen of his new cell phone... 

TIM: (much laughing) he knows I can't stand Dogs Playing Poker. 

a day later - retold by tim to this is my interpretation of the conversation

TIM: LittleA look at my phone picture
LITTLEA: Oh Wow! That's cool
TIM: Yeah - that's Dog's Playing Poker. Don't you think we should get a big version of this for our dining room wall?
LITTLEA: (holding her fake cell phone) Look - Mine is Cats Playing Soccer. 


bren said...

Tooo cute

candace said...

That's funny, LOL.

I'm Aries, my husband and brother are both Sagittarius. I joke that my husband and I get along so very well (truly, we have been married almost 6 years and have had maybe 2-3 disagreements) because I grew up with my sagg lil brother. Yeah, looking back.. an aries and a sagg together can drive anybody bonkers. LOL

Dayna said...

Bren - glad you found it was...just ya know...Im odd one out with those two :)

Candace - Your comment cracked me up. I told my husband that there are other Sagg Aries combos out there tearing things up together - loving life and maybe making some people the best way possible of course :)