Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Frozen Water Painting

Frozen Water Painting
This past week I hosted a preschooler event in our yard. We invited over some friends from playgroup and had outside painting fun. I decided for this post to try my hand at a new sort of layout...thought I would create a fun little frozen art step by step sheet.

We invited everyone to come in play clothes and pack a brown bag lunch. A few days before the party I got to mixing up the tempra paint and water solution in paper cups. I eyeballed the amount for each - but maybe a few squeezes of paint to a bunch more water maybe a 1:3 ratio. By all means use plastic cups - paper cups stick and tear when trying to remove the paint block. For this I used the bathroom dixie cup size.

Once the paint and water were well mixed together I inserted the wooden craft stick and anchored it in place with a wooden clothespin.

We propped some boards up against our picnic table and taped and pinned some large sheets of white paper to them...a sort of easel setup. The kids all got into their paint and I would say this project lasted 15 minutes or so...before the group ran off to the swing set.

All the pieces hung on our laundry line to dry while the kids played and we setup blanket picnic lunches in the yard. You can see in the above photo that we also gave the kids some bubble wrap to paint with. After they painted and stamped with the wrap it became a sculptural element to their works.

After everyone left LittleA and I were on clean up and we tested out some other paint techniques - like splattering and...
Belly swinging with a loaded paint brush. Both were received well and we were both covered in paint!
Later I took some of LittleA's art and framed it to hang in our back hall. This solution was devised by Tim who had some of these inexpensive clear plastic slid-in sign holders left over from his office. This makes sliding new art in and out super easy...and it jazzes up all the white space in our hallway. It is a cheerful way to head in or out of our house!


Jennifer said...

Very fun!


Aunt Jenny would love to hang up some of her artwork next to Uncle Mark's in our house. Belly painting especially!

Love you!

Jess said...

What a great idea - that would be perfect for the HOTHOT days we're having right now down here. I love the pictures hung up - what a good artists LittleA is!... I just finished switching out some of Ben's artwork a few days ago.

Dayna said...

Jen- I will let her know that you are commissioning a piece
Jess- This was a lot of fun! I would like to try it again with just LittleA...because with all the other kids their to play with her the swings were just too hard to resist. It is so fun to have kiddo art on the walls. Reminds me to release some of my own inhibitions about creating.

Michie said...

This is a project I've been wanting to try with my daugher. I love how you got the popsicle sticks to stand up using a clothespin. What a great idea. I should also try letting my daughter paint on the swing - swinging and painting are two of her favorite things! I also like how you have the sign holders for new art. I love all of your ideas in this post - including how you presented the directions!! :)

Dee Light said...

Oh, I just love that idea!! I will be trying that sometime soon.