Monday, August 04, 2008

Introducing the Family Truckster

Introducing the Family Truckster -

Honestly - I am not sure how this happened. I mean it was NEVER supposed to happen. Me and a mini van were not to cross paths...especially in the year that I leave behind my 20's.
The Subaru Outback was on my list...we carefully weighed the options. We were in a dead even voting standstill. Now this baby is sitting in my driveway...LittleA declared the Honda Odyssey her pick "because vans are cool" - how long will that last? I hope to remind her of this as she ducks behind the dash when I drop her off someday.

I must admit defeat - but this Family Truckster (yeah some mild denial there) is comfy and drives so nice. Can't say you have to drag me to it kicking and screaming or anything...but the ownership of this is certainly laughable - especially if you have ever spent time living with me.
I think I need to order the above stickers pronto!


Ellen said...

I think the van looks really nice! (this coming from someone almost twice your age! :)

christina said...

I have to admit that the odessy is pretty sweet though...for a family truckster that is ;)

Stephanie Haefner said...

Yeah...order me some of those bumper stickers too....

Dayna said...

Yeah - as far as family trucksters go...I am growing fond of it. Have yet to use all that space though!!

Steph - Stickers for all! It will be hard for people to make fun of me if I make fun of myself first - right?

Audrey said...

hey, i LOVE your new ride. i've always been a minivan person. why wouldn't you? you can fit so much stuff in it!

Dayna said...

Yeah - I am coming to terms! We can fit so very much...Like just this weekend we drove past some furniture for sale at the curb and right away we laughed that we could just pull over and buy need to worry about how to get it home!

bren said...

LOL, I hear that. I love my little car but when I had the rental the mini van did come in handy on more than 1 occassion