Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Library Goodness

Library Goodness

Is anyone else amazed by the fact that the library lets you just take books home - for free - on your honor? This system boggles my mind and I love it! LittleA and I make very frequent stops at the library in our neighborhood. We request books through internet hold - rent videos - and browse the "just in" section. One time through a book is usually good enough for me. Tim, like LittleA, loves repetition. We figure this is how we work well as parents...Tim reads and re-reads all the classic favorites and I like to explore and hunt for the new treasures.
In honor of all this library love I have decided to keep a GoodReads widget in my sidebar that shows just what books we have out on loan right now. As we read them I will give them a star rating and with time permitting I will even add a comment or two. I figure that our favorite and our best of the bag will get featured here.
While I am passing on the book love I will mention one of my favorite places to look for new insight in children's literature. Esme Raji Codell hosts the site The PlanetEsme Plan. She writes synopsis on all kinds of books - tending to keep them together by subject matter. She authored the book How To Get Your Child To Love Reading. If you are looking for a great way to approach the library with your child I very much recommend this book. It outlines books by themes - which is great for furthering school themes at home or carrying on a child's interest in other ways. If you are a teacher or just interested in teaching I also recommend Educating Esme.
Now presenting the all new...
Hands down without any question the best book from this past set we just returned was...
Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners

First off the illustrations are incredibly adorable! LittleA loved to look along at all the pictures in this book. The story line was about a happy go lucky rabbit who returns home one day to find out he has new neighbors...and they are otters. The little hare has no ideas about otters and is unsure what type of neighbors they will be. Wise old owl comes along and teaches bunny the old adage "Do De Do Unto Otters as You Would have them Do De Do Unto You". Will the otters be friendly and honest? Will they cooperate and be forgiving of others? Most importantly will they help their neighbor untangle his ears now and then? A funny story line with a great moral message. 


Jess said...

oh, the library... you know how i feel about that place! (i must also admit that my benjamin is, in part, named after benjamin franklin, founder of the first circulating library). i love to see tax dollars hard at work for such a good purpose.

i love goodreads! i find so many great recommendations from friends on there - especially you and Pauline in terms of children's books.

oh, and Esme Codell... I must confess to frequently browsing her site for recommendations. she's brilliant!

Esme Raji Codell said...

So flattered that you liked my book, THANK YOU (and Jess!) for your very kind words! I hope to have an updated edition out soon, though in the meantime you can also find new recommendations on my website, And yes, I agree, the public library is a miracle, not only a showcase of books but the best of intention and human nature.

Your blog is wonderful, so much fun! I look forward to bookmarking and coming back again!

Dayna said...

Jess - Knowing you in real life - I know you know how I feel about the library! It is so super. You must tell me all about how in my next life I can be a librarian! Maybe something to consider when LittleA heads to school. And I Love that Ben comes partly from Ben Franklin (I am a secret Ben Franklin admirer myself)...are you sure we weren't separated at birth or something?

Esme - WOW I am star stuck! Such an honor to have you stop by the blog. You are a celebrity in my world! Anyone who helps people develop and or discover the love of reading is tops to me. Keep up the amazing work - and I will keep reading along with you!