Monday, August 11, 2008

Unplugged Challenge - Hot

Unplugged Challenge - Hot

We got things rolling in time to participate in this weeks Unplugged Challenge. We did participate in last weeks FLAT theme - but we were yet another Flat Stanley house. More on this later as this project is still in the works around here. We may have creatively bit off more then we could chew on that one...but we will get it all done - just not in a week.
So this week is HOT. I decided to keep it simple. We headed to the library in search of books that fit the theme. I would pick books off the shelf and ask LittleA if they worked for the word hot. She played along well with this one. When all was done we settled on these books to fit our challenge.
The Moon Ring - takes place on a hot hot night - the hottest of the summer...
In the light of a blue moon, the second full moon in a month, Maxine discovers something amazing in the grass: a magical moon ring! Ahead lies a night of adventure beyond anything Maxine could have imagined, as she is whisked around the globe, from the ice floes of Antarctica to the sunbaked African savannah to the neon lights of New York City. Is it all just a dream? Only Maxine and her grandmother know for sure. Playful illustrations make this exciting adventure story one that children will ask for over and over again!
Sun Dance Water Dance - children spend their day dancing in the hot sun, splashing in the creek, running through the woods, and dreaming of doing it all again tomorrow.

The Gingerbread Boy - this cookie boy shoots out of a hot stove running and chanting "run run run as fast as you can - can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man"

We read all three books and talked about how and why the word hot appeared and related. The Gingerbread Boy was how we choose to expand the project. We made our very own version of the hot cut-outs and hoped that ours would not spring out of the oven and run away...although I think that would have made LittleA's day.
LittleA declared these two friends - "they are holding hands" 
all the friends awaiting decoration - we decorated before baking to avoid frosting - since it was close to bed time.

our decorating - topping bar 
* sprinkles.white chocolate chips.sprinkles.coconut.chocolate chips* 
ready to bake up HOT
We even made a sly fox to trick our little Gingerbread boy with.
The library also had The Runaway Tortilla - which is a similar story about a tortilla who hops up out of a hot pan and rolls away while the town chases behind. The tortilla also is tricked but this time by a coyote. We had a good time comparing the two stories similarities while we waited for our tasty treats to bake up.

Everyone who participates in these challenges always has such amazing ways to be clever with the weeks stop over and check out what everyone has come up with (see link for unplugged challenge up above)!


allthingsjennifersmith said...

I would have babies right this second if you could just raise them like this and do fun things everyday. I'll pay you!!! :)

Dayna said...

Well - if you and maybe ten other people had that some thought I might consider it :)

The nice thing about the blog though - is that I get to show all the fun things...thereby eliminating or forgetting all the not so fun things we inevitable also do :)

Oh - and yeah, then I will be sending my kiddos to your house to watch congressional hearings and learning the order of presidents and first ladies!

Claire said...

I've seen lots of gingerbread men in my day but no gingerbread foxes. Excellent!

Piseco said...

I love the idea of going to the library to pick out books at random and seeing if they fit the theme.

And if it weren't so stinkin' HOT here this week I'd make up a batch of yummy friends too. Thanks for sharing!

BChsMamaof3 said...

Great books!! and the gingerbread men look fantastic :) great project!

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Cute Stuff!

MrsMomma said...

Yummy! I love how your activities center around books! Thanks for sharing!


Bobbie said...

love it - library is too far for my kiddos to walk, so i do it while they are at school - well the older two... i gotta start getting books to fit the theme!! well done

Gottfredsen said...

Great Books. I have read some of them but I will definetly check out the rest. The cookies look yummy. Great Job.

Michie said...

I am too amazed - we almost did the exact same project! At the library on Saturday my daughter brought me the book, "The Matzah Man" which is basically the same story. I read it to her, and then took out the Gingerbread Man with the intent of making Gingerbread cookies, but I didn't get to it. How funny!! Obviousy, I think you had a great idea!

Ashley said...

I really like the idea of just finding books to go with the theme. Makes it simple, but also broadens the learning opportunities!
Thanks for the compliment, by the way:)

Jess said...

The gingerbread boy is a great story - what a good pick. I love the decorated gingerbread men. I skipped the challenge this past week, but I'm back on for this one.

Anonymous said...

I love how you went to the library and had Little A decide if they fit the theme or not. Great idea! And the gingerbread people look yummy.

Dayna said...

Hello all - thanks so much for the kind comments. We had so much fun making a tasty treat to go along with our reading. Thanks for stopping by and brining some sunshine with ya!