Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Whereby I Tell You All How Much I Love You!

I love you this much award
The ever lovely Amy at Gift of Green has given me an i love you this much award. Oh how giddy I am to receive it! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
How cute is that little bloggy button?

So now is the part where I thank you all for visiting! THANK YOU!! I love it when you all stop by for a read...and especially love all your kind and thoughtful comments.

Time to spread the blog love. I offer an I Love You This Much award to these lovely bloggers:
  • All Things Jennifer - My sister-in-law and the person who started me on this blogging adventure. She has opinions and she posts them! She is in love with the city of Buffalo and pays it some love online. She is also my partner in crime on the Daring Baker Challenges.
  • Giddy Goat - An online buddy I stumbled upon back near Christmas time I think. She is a mama to two little lovelies and she has good sass and wit to her witting.
  • Blue.Speckled.Eggs - This is a friend and fraternity brother of mine (yes, you read that right we were in a co-ed fraternity). She is a lovely woman and mama. She is crafty and well read. Plus she always stops in here and leaves words of encouragement.
  • And here are two fellow Junior Leaguers that I love...they are each one of the three reasons I keep going to meetings! Chris and Audrey - I love ya both!
And another little gift for all...the smith family's new favorite youtube video. I dare ya not to love it in some way!


Jennifer said...

Aw, thanks! :)

If I tear up reading a nice comment about myself on my sister-in-law's blog I surely cannot watch the Christian the Lion link!

My fav part of the Watermelon video is when they lay on the ground making out. ;)

Jess said...

thanks so much! so many of your kind words describe you :) i always enjoy coming here to see what you're up to!

christina said...

oh! Me too. I love that I met you, (and jen) and audrey through league, twas the best outcome of the thing!! I love your blog and creative touches, I hope to be such a cool mom as you!

Dayna said...

ladies you are all so welcome - thanks for always brightening my day with your posts!

Audrey said...

aw, sweet! (just finally catching up on the blogging!) thanks for the shout out :)

Dayna said...

Audrey - you are welcome!!