Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wide Leg Lounge Pants - Another Pair Hits A Blog

Wide Leg Lounge Pants - Another Pair Hits A Blog
At the beginning of July I read a post at Salt and Chocolate about the Amy Butler Wide Leg Lounge Pants. Mary Beth mentioned how everyone with a blog had made a pair (see them here) and I made a mental note that I had intended to finally get cracking on a pair myself. I have had the book In Stitches since Christmas and procrastinated this long...while it turned out good as I found some great bedsheets recently at the goodwill. For $2.00 I got a whole bed sheet...only needed half to make the above lounge pants.

As with everyone else who posted about these - I was too short for the patterns generous 29+++ inch long legs. After a few adjustments though I have a pair that fits just right. Amy Butler's patterns are a breeze to follow and always fun to sew up.

I opted to use some bias tape I had laying around for my waistband. Next time I think I will try the tip posted at Salt and Chocolate, to use a bit of elastic and attach the bias tape to that. Should offer an even better waist fit.

There are definitely more of these to be made. There is not much better then wearing sheets to bed!


Carol VR said...

I just made two pairs of these on the weekend. Having expanded the pattern slightly, both my husband and I each now have a pair.

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Jess said...

love them, love the fabric! must make a pair - they're been marked in my copy of InStitches since Christmas too!

christina said...

very pretty! i have bought funky fabric from sheets before too, great deal, and nice cotton comfort!

Audrey said...

OOOOOH i've been wanting some of these for a while.

Dayna said...

Ok ladies - you all need to make a pair...I have worn these non-stop...I better make another pair to rotate out with...and maybe a fleecey pair for the winter time. I want to see all your finished results!!