Friday, August 15, 2008

One Book - For One Year

One Book - For One Year

Got home from book club a little while ago. It is always a nice evening out - even on nights where we decide that maybe the best thing to come out of the book was the gathering to chat at the books completion.Which got me to thinking about a post I read over at the Wish Jar Journal.

Keri Smith, author of the blog (as well as numerous really clever books) proposed the idea of having just one book to read for the next 365 days. At first I envisioned one really large book...then I figured, no - perhaps a book like the Intellectual Devotional, or perhaps Sark's Living Juicy - where you read just one page per day for a whole year. But I am is just one single solitary book for one year. One year to come to know and love and deeply understand/explore one book.

What would be the one book you would choose?

More intersted in writing? Need some help  in getting the juices flowing? Sark's newest book says it will do just that- just released. Might have to check this one out for new ways to write interesting and new blog posts.


Jess said...

interesting question... i'm thinking about the books i've read multiple times - To kill a mockingbird, The thornbirds, East of Eden, but i don't know that i'd want to read them continually over the course of one year. maybe something along the lines of Eat, Pray, Love as i found it thought-provoking, or perhaps a book of poetry?

Dayna said...

Poetry could be a cool idea. Break it all up into manageable parts for a years time.