Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wrap Up

Wrap Up
In the flurry of last week I didn't get to mention the following items that I meant to post here is a quick blog wrap up. Now once this is posted last week will be off my chest and I can get on with the new.
German Pancake:
The latest and greatest issue of Cooking Light arrived with an awesome looking German Apple Pancake recipe. Thought that this might be the perfect thing for a family breakfast. It took a while to prepare and looked great. I will admit I was suspicious when I realized I would need 4 eggs...we are NOT an egg family...just can't eat the darn things. I can bake with them but this seemed like an awful lot. It came out of the over looking amazing - but smelling like eggs. In my mind it was way more quiche then pancake. I will try again but use pancake mix instead. I did love making it all on one cast iron skillet.
Garlic Harvest
It was finally time for our garlic to be picked off the drying racks and bunched together. Now I get to see it in the basement every time I throw in a load of laundry.
Speaking of Laundry
The  Laundry Line Challenge has come to an end. I had a great time participating and think I came right out at about 50% line dried. The best part is it is still warm enough round here that I can probably go another month or so hang drying our clothes. Thank you Amy for such a fun challenge!

Our garden is throwing veggies at us left and right. I think I have done an alright job containing all the cucumbers. I found a recipe here for fridge pickles *crispy and Claussen like*. They are so tasty!! Recipe is here - this site is an amazing resource for pick your own locations and harvested food prep and storage. I decided to make my own mixture to pour over the pickles as opposed to buying the spice packet...I figured we grew the cucumbers from seed - they at least deserved to be packed with homey goodness too. Honestly it was not difficult either!
and while I was at - threw some organic hand picked strawberry jam together. Love these new stacking freezer containers from the Ball corp.
ok- on to the new!!!!!


Husband said...

Let me be the first to declare, my wife makes a mean dill pickle. I am trying to figure out how to get the spare refridge in the basement to store more of them.

Dayna said...

Aw - husband of mine - you are so sweet! Glad you liked too!

Jess said...

oh, look at all that delicious goodness!

German Apple Pancake looks so good - but I'm right there with you about not liking eggs (I wish I did...) I'll have to remember your suggestion about pancake mix if I make it up.