Friday, September 19, 2008

Best of Bag

Best of Bag
Here is the latest and greatest of what we read from our bag of books. Of course feel free to check my sidebar and see what we are reading now and review the top picks from previous weeks.

The Giant Ball of String
by Arthur Geisert

This book caught me off guard. I was not expecting the great story that came out of this one. A small town of porcine is super proud of their giant ball of string. One day it ends up floating down the river only to be found a few towns over. The townspeople decide to keep the string and seek fame and fortune from having the string on display. But the young inhabitants and rightful owners devise a plan to get their prize back. The illustrations were very detailed and I think would catch the interest of a child who always wants to know how things work. Some of the illustrations bordered more on a diagram style.We will certainly be checking out other works by this author
by Pamela Duncan Edwards
This was a touching story about a little old house who had lost its luster and thought its days were numbered. Then a young family finds and falls in love with the house and brings it back to glory. I found myself a little teary over this one as we have an old house who need someone to love it up!

This book chocked me up a little bit because it reminded me of our house and how we found it and fell in love with it. LittleA was surely catching this as we read it...that was until the very end. I asked her what she learned from the book and didn't it reminder her of our house. She said yeah, and when our house gets old we will move and get another one. Ok, a delusional mommy moment!

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