Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Football Food Face-off Is Here!

Football Food Face-off is Here!

Sorry for the delay in posting this info...I am not so sure how this summer slipped so quickly by. At the end I feel like I am grasping for straws to hold onto the last remaining shreds of it.
Lets talk about the Football Food Face-off..
Here is how this challenge will work.
1. Pick a team to represent (I know some of you out there said you root for more then one team - each week pick which one you will be cooking for).
2. Plan to cook or bake a food or beverage that in some way represents your teams opponent. Here were my previous examples:
It can be a popular food from the teams hometown (buffalo wings), or a snack that coordinates with team colors (red, white, and blue chips salsa), or perhaps even a tasty dessert that makes sense based on a member of the competing team (peters peters pumpkin pie eaters) yeah, being creative is the plan.
3. Enjoy the food...root for your team...and be sure to take some pictures.
4. Come back here on Wednesdays (figured this was a safe day as games can be played Thursday-Monday and it gives a day or two to create your post.) and post a link to your blog entry showing what you made. Posts should include a photo of your creation along with the recipe if possible.Hopefully by next Wednesday I will have a system for you to easily leave a link.
5. Have fun and consider inviting a friend to play along as well.
I look forward to cooking with you!

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